Let me tell you about this beautiful, golden accumulative sap of true vitality that brought a new strength and vigour to my body!


I only began making ghee myself recently, within the past few years, but I have a few fond memories of it from my childhood.  My grandmother would take a spoonful of ghee, add a bit of sugar and let me dip my bread in it, because it was highly nutritional.  I remember as a kid we would make trips out of the city to the village, and I would sit there and watch as they churned the buttermilk.  It was pure, and had this green, minty colour to it.  It was fascinating, almost mesmerizing to watch; it became the highlight of our trips.


In North America it’s very common to use butter, but in South Asian it is all about using ghee, because it kept longer in the heat.  It’s also a staple in Indian cuisine and used for Ayurvedic treatments.  They even began to sell synthetic ghee in stores, but this of course had no nutritional value, it was just cost effective.  Now the real stuff, is pure oil and provides amazing health benefits.


Four years ago when I began my lifestyle change I took out all oils from my diet (especially cooking with olive oil, because it becomes toxic when heated), leaving ghee as my only fat intake.  I saw a change in my own health, when I switched, my bad cholesterol levels decreased significantly and my good cholesterol was at an optimal rate.  Ghee also acts as an anti-inflammatory, is easily digestible and lubricates your intestines and connective tissues.  In Ayurveda, proper digestion revolves around agni, the body’s digestive fire.  Consuming ghee boosts ones agni, leading to better digestion and faster metabolism.  Ghee also boosts ojas, the underlying essence of body issue; this leads to an increased immune system and greater longevity.  Also, since the milk solids are burned out, ghee has a very high smoking point and a long lasting shelf life.      


You can now find ghee in health stores everywhere! BUT stay tuned for our next post where we will show you a video on how to make ghee at home.  Using unsalted butter and lightly heating it for hours, in the process stripping away all the milk solids, cholesterol, lactose and protein leaving this beautiful, golden sap with heartwarming aroma and nutty flavour.