Why am I here?

I think a good way to start this blog would to be to start the way I start every meditation, ask myself the following questions; Who am I?  What do I want? What’s my purpose in life?  And what am I grateful for?


Who am I?

Well, whenever someone asks me in the spiritual world “Who am I?” In the back of my mind I kinda know, I’m not my mind, I’m not my body but I’m in fact my consciousness. Because as soon as you pull away from the lower mind (the egoic* mind), which keeps you in this material world, you realize you are the soul, a conscious being. Take away the masks, being titled “the doctor”, “the mother”, “the teacher” etc., you become total bliss and connect with a higher divine, the true self.

BUT, to answer your question in a simple manner, “My name is Rukhsana and I’m on a mission.”  


What do I want?

When you ask this question before meditation, your answer could be material, ethereal, physical or emotional, anything that you would like to see fulfilled.  What I want is to fulfill the purpose of my life.


What is my purpose?

My purpose is to be free of the pain and suffering of my thoughts and to constantly heal my mind.  Through my experiences and transformation I also want to help heal others, the way I have found to help heal myself.  This transformation is constant, it’s every aspect of you that you do this transformation over and over.  I, like everyone else, began my journey from the moment I was conceived, I was a winner, like every living being is a winner.   


What am I grateful for?

At first when I started asking this question, I’ll be honest, I had a lot of difficulty.  I would think of all the jewelry, the roof over my head, the ability to travel, and my wonderful daughters.  It took almost a year before I could really understand the importance of this question and not until six months ago was I able to truly answer.

I am grateful for me!

I am grateful for being an open and spiritual minded being.  I am grateful for my compassion, my kindness, my caring and thoughtfulness towards others.  I am grateful for my gift to become close with others, my ability to communicate, touch and heal people in many ways.  I am grateful for me, I like myself being the way I am.

Now that I’ve answered, let’s start this mission. Take a deep breathe and ask yourself;  Who am I?  What do I want? What’s my purpose in life?  And what am I grateful for?