Now, before you continue reading I will assure you this post in no way belittles or encourages one religion more than another, so stay with me.

During this time in my life I felt torn between a religious practice I was born and raised into, and still identified as being a part of my life as of today, and this new technique I began to practice that stemmed from a completely other religious practice. My anxiety grew and kept me restless, thinking….

One evening, a friend invited me to a hockey game. The seats were in a box, with a bar to one side and seats to view the game on the other. Those who weren’t interested in the game would drink while the hard core fans would quickly introduce themselves and then settle in their seats to watch the game intently. Then there was me, even though I am Canadian, I’m sorry to say I had no idea what was happening in the game. I stood there listening to the talk around me that I had no interest in and I grew bored. My mind began to wander; of course, like many things you wish your mind wouldn’t linger, but my thoughts wondered to my confliction. I was trying to justify believing in two contradictory things, my belief versus the new modalities I was learning.

My train of thought was broken by a sudden commotion. I peaked over onto the rink and saw a fight had broken out between two players. Looking around I noticed everyone was watching and cheering, no matter where they were sitting. Those in the box with me were engaged in what was happening in front of them along with those seated up in the nose bleeds who seemed unable to peel their eyes from what was happening down in the rink. This my friends, sparked a light bulb moment for me! Everybody in the arena was looking at the same thing, just from a different angle. I understand that’s an obvious statement to make, but think of the game as God. Religion always has a God or some higher divine people look up too, but not everyone’s God has the same name, not everyone sees their God from the same angle. But no matter the name, it is still a God, we are all heading towards the same destination, even though we are taking a different route.

The rest of the game I was in bliss, I had found an answer to my internal conflict; no matter what your beliefs are, no matter the angle, as long as you have a super power, a divine or higher self that gives you guidance, they all lead to one place.