Last year I stayed in an Ashram in California. Every morning when I walked outside the farm animals were sitting in a scattered circle around my cabin, and only my cabin. It gave me a sense of bliss and some deep connection to the environment and nature around me. Meditation has given me the ability to become more aware of the vibrations and energies around me, leaving me sensitive to the energies of other living beings. I greeted every one of them and took the time to thank them for bringing this morning’s blessing to me. Later, I was sharing this experience with my daughter, telling her how blessed I felt in that moment and how I had this communication with the nature and animals. She questioned this, asking if I felt entitled or special in a way for having this bond with nature. The answer is no. I don’t feel special or on some higher level than others. I automatically began to repeat in my head something Deepak Chopra, M.D. had said once before, “I am beneath no one, and no one is beneath me” and tried to find an analogy to best express this. It may sound odd but I love explaining my beliefs in the form of an analogy (hence having an analogy of the week; I have so many to share!). Since she is of the younger generation I decided to explain it to her using technology as a comparison.


Think of everyone as an I Phone 5s. Coming out of the factory every I-Phone 5s has the same software. It’s not until it is in the hands of its owner does it becomes unique, individualized and its own entity through applications downloaded by that individual. Every I-Phone 5s runs the same way, the same way that all humans have like abilities when born, but we excel on what we give attention to. Through our phones we become more connected to things the more we download, however, as humans we achieve this connection through meditation. When you give attention to your intention, the energy comes in aliment, and your desire gets fulfilled.